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For our last holiday in 2019 we decided on La Palma.  John visited in 2018 on the old boys walking holiday and thought it was worth returning to.  A deciding factor was that the Easyjet flights are £31.50 each return, it is a four hour flight so clearly they are not making any money on the deal so long as we don't put luggage in the hold, don't want to sit next to each other or eat anything.  It did not quite go to plan at the start, why ....... read on.

The Plan

The Cunning Plan

Arrived at Last

Better late than never

Change of car and no volcano

An unplanned day but at least it is warm and sunny 

Two Volcanos and an awful lot of wind

We were nearly blown off the top of the mountain

Danger and Excitement Above the Clouds

Two old people climb a 5,900ft volcano taking the dangerous route

Even Higher

A drive up the mountain to over 8000ft where we are well above the clouds

Not the Far Canal Route

A bit of a shame but a rockfall closed the walk John had been raving about for ages

Two Drips in a Forest

We got a bit wet today

A Constitutional on Constitution Day

A very nice lunch overlooking the waves

Off to the Big City

We are now in Santa Cruz and carless

A Tough Walk to Church

A very long climb up to Church and then a nice walk down past some old mills.

A Lot of Old Buildings and some African Art

A tour of Santa Cruz 

The End

A summary of our holiday