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Saturday 30th November

Those of you who have been paying attention to this blog may have noticed the car shown above is different to yesterdays! This morning we loaded up ready to drive to the start of the volcano walk. The car was misfiring badly as we set off and after a short while the engine warning light came on. About a mile from the hotel I pulled over to see if stopping the engine and restarting would solve the problem, the car would not restart.
The car hire company sent a chap over to help us, he took an hour to get there (not surprising as we were a long way from their office) and after instructions via his mobile phone he managed to bump start the car. 

I then drove to the airport with him following behind and we swapped cars, this new one is the same model but newer, it goes a lot better and the information panel is in English rather than Russian on the previous one. Now we can read the instructions we have discovered that the “Navigation” option is not a Sat Nav but a compass!
Having got to the airport we were a third of a way round the island and having wasted a couple of hours we decided to carry on and drive right round La Palma looking for a good location for next week and leave the walk until tomorrow. One of the nicest places we stopped at are the natural pools near San Andreas where we had a very nice lunch whilst watching the swimmers trying to catch the big waves.