Our blogs

For the past couple of years we have written a blog on our bigger holidays to save a fortune on postcards and to give the folks at home a preview of the boring stories we will tell on our return.

The blogs so far are listed below, most are on a separate web site, just click on the picture to view them.

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A very nice trip around Tanzania. This blog is being reconstructed from a blog posted on blog.com at the time.

Gill & John go East

An overland journey from Shropshire to China.

A Big Pond in Africa

Gill and John's trip to Malawi.

The Canary Islands

Tenerife and Grand Canaria 


A couple of weeks in Sicily. We have not been before and know almost nothing about it which of course is a good starting point.

Everest Base Camp (nearly)

John's short walk in Nepal.

Lunches in Shrewsbury

Where to have lunch in Shrewsbury, thirty reviews of places to eat


Gill and John go South

Outer Hebrides

Driving round the Outer Hebridies in the yellow peril

Canal du Midi

Four weeks of sunshine, good food and wine - we hope