Pound Cottage Restoration

We bought Pound Cottage in 2015 when it was a ruin. The previous owner had bought it in an auction a few years previously, gutted the inside but got no further, we think he had run out of money.
He had however had some plans drawn up which looked interesting so we decided to take it on despite the fact that the house had holes in the roof, no foundations, floorboards or stairs and was unsafe. 

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The first job was to update the drawings and get them approved. Then we had to guestimate the costs and find a builder to do the work. In the end we selected Paul (Tiger) Green, our neighbours brother although in practice he left all the work to Joe Green, his dad Ian and Craig Jones.
Tiger convinced us that paying by the hour was the best route to take as it avoided the need to pay Vat (none of the builders needed to be registered) so it would be 20% cheaper. Thats true but it meant we took all the risk on costs on a project on which I had no experience whatsoever.
We took the plunge and in the end the project was a success, its progress is described on the following pages.