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Lunches Page 2

Number Four

From the outside Number Four looks like a smart restaurant so I was a bit surprised to find it was a bit scruffy in the section I sat in downstairs, the table had not been wiped very well (or at all). It has "industrial" decor, lots of girders and rafters showing and concrete floor. This is much harder to keep clean and looking fresh than the boring conventional look, the place could do with a bit of TLC.
I ordered rump and chorizo burger with an orange juice, this is the first place I have lunch that serves real orange juice I don't know if they make it on site or buy it in but it is a great improvement on the bottled juice I have been given everywhere else.
The burger was fine, certainly better that the one I was sold at Lyons Gourmet Burgers last week, the chips were also home made however the lettuce had seen better days.
The place was fairly crowded on a Monday lunchtime, where do all these people come from?

Overall: Not a bad choice for a light lunch, the service was prompt so without hurrying (or feeling hurried) The meal took just over 30 minutes and cost £13.

Johns ratings: Food 3 Value 3 Service 4. Ambience 2 Overall 3

Peaberry Cafe

My hospital times for today and tomorrow have changed to early afternoon which rules out leisurely lunches for a couple of days. Instead I have opted for something called brunch. Not sure what this means, I thought a meal without wine was breakfast. So it is a good opportunity to try places who just do lighter meals and today I visited Peaberry which is a cross between a wine bar and a cafe.
It does not have comfy settees like Starbucks, just imitation wood tables and chairs which reinforces the cafe feeling.
I had a chicken club melt which is actually a chicken, bacon and tomato sandwich with toasted bread, no idea what the "melt" was, perhaps it melted away. Why do cafes and restaurants insist on giving silly names to their offerings. It came with more tomato and some lettuce and it was a first rate toasted club sandwich with some large slices of tender chicken.
To complete the meal I had courgette and avocado cake, I don't like courgettes and am not keen on avocado so I hope you appreciate the sacrifices I am making to complete these reviews. Apparently it is vegan and gluten free, it was very nice and the slice was quite small so it was healthy all round.
As you would expect the coffee was good.

Overall: A very choice for a snack with people you know, the ambience lets it down a little, it is not somewhere I would take someone I wanted to impress.

Johns ratings: Food 4 Value 3 Service 4 Ambience 2 Overall 3