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Tuesday 3rd December - Up in the Clouds

Whilst most of the island was covered in cloud today we drove up Pico de la Nieve to a height of 8’080 feet where we were up above the clouds, pictures above and below.
The reason a road goes to the top is that there are a long line of observatories on top of the mountain. Being in the middle of the Atlantic means that the island is free of pollution and the clear skies make it the ideal place to site your telescope. If I were an astronomer I would much prefer to be based in La Palma than Manchester (Jodrell Bank).

The views were outstanding, we took almost 100 photographs with which to bore everyone when we get home.

We are now in a smashing little village called San Andrés, I shall resist the temptation to crack any jokes about a fault (the one in California is spelt Andreas), in a cottage very close to the sea so we can lie in bed and listen to the crashing waves. The weather forecast for tomorrow is not good so we might also get the crashing thunder!  We are here until Saturday when we move to the big city.